Renew @ Rosewood

Every even year Rosewood Church hosts around 150 youth (9th grade-high school graduates) and leaders for a service and worship week, which we are calling "Renew @ Rosewood"! Our own Rosewood youth participate in this event, as well as youth and leaders from churches across North America. 

The purposes of our Renew weeks are to:

  • Renew relationships with God and one another
  • Renew homes and neighborhoods in our community
  • Renew our passion for God through the Word and worship
  • Renew hope

During Renew week, all participants are assigned to small groups that go out during the day and serve in Jesus' name at the homes of local families or at non-profit organizations. In the evening we have games and activities, an intense time of worship, and small-group sessions where we grow in our relationships to God and one another. Renew also includes a couple of fun outings, worship and a message every evening, and eating and sleeping on the Rosewood campus.

Renew18 will be held from July 14-21, 2018!